About This Web Site

The Artist is Emmy. Click here to see her wonderful art!!

The Web Designer is me, Jerry.

The entrance page is simple and conceals a lot of key words and things that may help Google match their searches to our page.

The main page consists of a background tile, Three <IFrames> These are absolute position and have the ALLOWTRANSPARENCY="true" flag set.

The three Iframes fit together to make up a fixed width and fixed height website. in the main body frame, there is a PNG graphic that was made in fireworks. The graphic is merely a round rectangle with a drop shadow. The alpha index is about 75%. That means that it is semi transparent. This means that whatever background I use, a bit of it will show through.

Inside the boundary of the round rectangle is a fourth frame. Also with ALLOWTRANSPARENCY="true". This is the main frame that will be home for all the pages.

Each page generally has its background set to "Transparent". That way again the background Image will show through. I have found that png alpha transparency is supported by Netscape, Firefox, and IE 7.0 and above. IE 6.0 does not.

The pages themselves probably have a table object with one row and one column. This is to set the width to a fixed width so the bottom scrollbar never needs to be seen.

The exceptions are the user manual which is an adobe pdf file, and the kitten slide show which is a MS PowerPoint export.

The Buttons are 2-state with semi transparent png format images, also made in Fireworks.